Monday, November 30, 2009

Tis The Season

It's almost Christmas yet again. I can't believe it! I don't know where the year 2009 has gone, but it's definitely ending really fast. When it's almost Christmas, it means it's even closer to being my birthday! But something amazing happens before that...

I meet the one and only Jacynne C.
(please say her name like you'd say the name Jason - yes, her name is Jacynne/Jason. Yes, SHE is a girl. and yes, I like her name)

Jacynne is my pen pal from Alaska. We started writing a few years ago - our homeschool groups got together and everyone in MI (who wanted one) got a pen pal from AK, and vise versa. I'm pretty sure Jacynne and I are the only people still writing to each other.

See, we are more than just pen pals - we're friends. I would say it took longer for us to be friends, considering we couldn't see each other. But the more and more we talked, the more and more we became friends. Best friends, I'd dare say.

There's a song from the Muppets, and one of the lines is "There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met" and I think that describes Jacynne and I quite well. We're old friends, yes, and we haven't met...yet.

But we will... in exactly 5 days.

Yes, you heard me...


I'm just a little excited...

Ok, I lied.

I'm pretty much FREAK.ING.OUT right now at the thought of meeting her at last! Talk about dream come true!

And we have so much planned! We meet on the 7th - her family is coming to dinner. I can.not.wait for that day. Then on the 10th she's coming with me to ballet and pointe and taking classes. She is then sleeping over at my house. The next day I have a Christmas dance performance, which she's coming to watch. From their we're going to the Yuletide Harbinger Bash, which is a lock in with the youth group I attend. (I'll explain more about that on a future date.) Saturday morning we will go our separate ways and sleep! I then have to get up that afternoon to perform the Christmas performance again. Then I go back home and sleep till Sunday. Sunday morning I'm going to Jacynne's grandmother's house and spending the night there. We will leave early the next morning (if you haven't been following, it'll be te 14th) and head to Lansing to catch our train to Chicago! We'll stay there all day (we plan on going to the American Girl Doll store) and come home late that night. I'll sleep over at her grandma's house again, because we'll be back late and I'm sure my dad wouldn't want to have to drive to Lansing. From Jacynne's grandmother's house we will head to my house - because by then it will be my birthday!

I'm not exactly sure how my birthday is going to work, but some how Jacynne and my friend Becca (and maybe my friend Lauren, if she can make it) are coming over (and some how I'm dancing from 4-6) and we're having a little party with food and cake and presents! Jacynne will sleep over...

And then I don't know what else happens!

Wow, I wrote a lot. I hope that all makes sense...

Anyway, I'm really excited =) I also hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a nice break from normal life, and I'll be blogging soon.

Much love,

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  1. I think that's the best post ever! I can't wait to met you! We're going to have sooooo much fun!!!!