Thursday, December 3, 2009

It Reallly Is December

It doesn't feel like December - not here in the middle of the mitten anyway (aka MI). There's only been 1 snow fall, and that was itty bitty little flakes that melted when they hit the ground (and that was Nov. 30th too).

I can't bring myself to believe it's December - by golly, it hasn't even been that cold! It was 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) yesterday. I kinda wish it would snow, but I don't mind it not being cold. It just doesn't feel like December, and it's odd to listen to Christmas music when I can see green grass out my window. The only thing that suggests it's winter is the fact that it gets dark out at 6pm.


Well, I never finished this post, and when I woke up this morning (for I was writing the post yesterday in little bits and pieces) they was snow on the ground - not melting. So ... I guess it really is December. But if I don't look out any windows, I wouldn't be able to tell. The sky is really white though, and not blue. It's white, like when it's snowing.

So... I guess it really is December.


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  1. Too funny! I was SO used to NEVER having snow in NJ that it's shocking to me to see snow when I look out the window here in PA :)