Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Painful Tale That Ends Happily

I do karate, yes? Yes.

And in karate you do sparring (fighting), yes? Of course (sadly).

And so yesterday I had class. And we were sparring.

And when you spar, if you're me anyway, you try to kick the person's head (isn't that hard). But for some reason the person you're trying to kick doesn't like that idea very much, so therefore uses their hand to block your foot moving quickly towards their head, then hitting your foot with their hand.

THIS can cause a lot of pain - I would know.

A lot of pain, and bruising, and swelling, and fear of it being broken is some manner.

This happened to me yesterday, around 1pm in class.

and after class it started to hurt a lot, and started to swell, which isn't normal.

So today I got it checked.

Not broken/fractured/chipped.

Just a bone was going down, not up. But the chiropractor dude fixed that for me and now all I have is a big bruise on my foot and a big bump that shouldn't be there.

But otherwise I'm perfectly normal =)

And I'm sorry for not posting. There wasn't anything to really post about until yesterday.

Also, I finished reading the book Rebecca and it's HORRIBLE!!! A HORRIBLE book, I tell you.

I'm scarred for life for reading such a nasty thing. bleck.

And they call that an ending?? What the heck!?

It doesn't end, it just ... stops! And now I have sooooo many unanswered questions buzzing aroudn in my brain. It's annoying.

ANNNNDDDDDDDD you don't even mind out the main characters first name! EVER!! How horrible (and annoying) is that?

Though, it was very well written, I do have to say. But the story?


Some love story.

Don't read it.

And if you do you're better off stopping before it ends. It's better that way.

I don't know how this is a painful story that ends happily, considering I just talked about a horrible book that you should NEVER read ... ever.

Tell me, have you ever read Rebecca? And if so what did you think of it?

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