Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Thanksgiving

And I thought I'd play along with all the other blogs I've read and tell you what all I'm thankful for today =)

I'm thankful for coffee in the morning. Without it I probably couldn't do anything.

I'm thankful for words, because without them I wouldn't be very good at expressing myself.

I'm thankful for the backspace button on my keyboard, because I make a lot of mistakes. I wish there was a backspace on life sometimes, but sadly someone hasn't invented that yet.

I'm thankful for mini butter sticks, because they're so darn cute! They're only 4 tablespoons and not 8, and boy! are they cute!! =)

I'm thankful for my family, because they love me so much. And the care a lot. And Mom makes dinner (most) everynight, and Dad makes breakfast for me (most) mornings, and William's smile brightens my day, and Clay just makes me laugh, and Beth's beautiful face just makes everything better, and Dave (who isn't really related but for me he's the uncle I don't have) can cook amazing food, and tell funny stories and make me smile on bad days. That's what uncles are for, ya?

I'm thankful for friends, because without them I'd get a little sick of my family after every day with them. They're my outlet, my friends are. They're my support in hard times, and I'm theirs (I think...). Without them I wouldn't know what do to sometimes, and my life would be boring, to be honest. I don't know what I would do without friends.

I'm thankful that I live in a warm house and that Dad has job(s) so we make money so we can eat food. I like food ... a lot. I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without it.

I'm thankful for the Wii, as bad as it sounds. It is quiet fun to play, to be honest. We're actually playing it right now. Family time! Like in the walmart or target commercials (I can't remember which) and they say "Family time costs less at walmart (target)!"

I'm thankful for pumpkin cheesecake, because it's so dang good! It tastes like pumpkin pie, yet has a cheese cake hint to it, and it's like pure heavan! nom nom nom ...

I'm thankful for many, many more things that if I wrote them all down you wouldn't bother reading it all. So I'll end my post here, asking you what's ONE thing (or more than one) that you're thankful for this thanksgiving.

Have a GREAT holiday!


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  1. I'm thanksful that your my pen pal. Your the best pen pal ever. Your loyal and carin and I can alwasy count on you.