Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Less Than Three You

'I less than three you' seems to be the thing to say now adays. (i <3 u)  But whatever happened to I love you? 

What happened to spelling out a word completely and ending you sentence with a period? 

 What happened to honesty?

 What happened to picniks in the park, long walks on the beach, and a simple kiss to say 'see you later?'

 What happened to only falling in love once, and not falling out of it? 

 Now the thing is to have a new 'lover' every other weekend, have 7 'soul mates,' and saying 'I love you' after the first date. Excuse me, 'i <3 u.' 

 What happened to dating? Because these days, it just seems like a game.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Finally. A week to do nothing. We're currently at cabins on the beach (I will not tell you where, for safety reasons) and loving every minute of it. I would post more if my iPod actually liked to work and we had good enough wifi for it to stay connected. But this will have to do. 

It's been nice. Not a lot of sleep, though 

"Kate, can I lie with you?" 
"No William."
"Kate, what's the noise?" 
"I don't know William, go back to sleep."
"Kate, are you awake?"
"I am now." 

William has been having a blast. Here are a few quotes from the day.

"What are you doing" - William
"Getting wifi." - Kate
"That sucks. It takes forever to get wifi. I mean, these flip flops are comfy." - William

"Warm beachy day. I mean, sunny beach day. Warm beachy day sounds like warm peach. Yuck." - William

I had a dream about giant gummy bears." - Clay
"Intersting, and do you suppose that dream means?" - Dad
"I should avoive giant gummy bears." - Clay
"Good plan." - Dad
"I had a dream about giant woodpeckers!" - William
"I'll avoid those too." -Clay
"Giant woodpeckers aren't real!" - William
"Neither are giant gummy bears, so that makes my job easy." - Clay

"The lake is really sparkly cause the sun is shining. Let's go to the sparkly beach!" - William

"Vacation is like you go to someone else's house and stay there for tend days." - William

To say the least, it's been enjoyable this far. 

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Hope you are all enjoying your last bits of summer (assuming yours hasn't ended already). I'm off to enjoy the sparkly beach.