Saturday, September 18, 2010

week #1

I survived my first week of school. Talk about the longest week of my life. It seemed to drag on, day by day. I now know why people like Friday so much; it means you can sleep!

The week has been ... interesting. The first day I was so scared. The whole high school met in the gym and all the teachers got introduced. Then we went to our regular  classes. And in every class we just read the rules and such. So in all honesty, it  was pretty boring. The next day we started learning.

So far I've been asking a million times where I came from, been told homeschooling was school, been asked if I was a Christian, had my paper cheated off of, and been asked to sit with  people at lunch.

Pretty interesting, if I do say so myself.

I had a chemistry, US history, and Spanish quizzes Friday. I'm pretty sure I  aced the chemistry and Spanish quizzes, and I don't think I did half bad on the history one. I haven't had any late homework (not that we've had a lot to begin with, but you'd be surprised how many  people are late already). I haven't been late to class. I haven't gotten in trouble.

So far, so good. I don't even have homework this weekend because I finished it by 4:30pm yesterday. So just relaxing.

I'll keep you posted.


Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day

And I'm up and rolling. School starts at 8am. Bus picks me up at 7am. I'm up at 5:30 am (I'm not exactly a quickly moving person).

Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh Golly

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm scared. I know, I know, I shouldn't be. But I can't help it.  Luckily I've had an amazing weekend. I spent yesterday watching avatar (the cartoon) with my boyfriend, and today I'm going shoe shopping (or looking, in my case) with my best friend from kindergarten. To me, it sounds like a fantastic way to end summer. And hopefully get my mind off of tomorrow ... for a little bit anyway.

I was thinking about starting a video blog. Yea or Nay?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

True Love

How you ever really thought about what love is? What it really is? Not that mushy stuff you see on TV, or the 'love' that some teenagers talk about all the time, but real, genuine, love.

I've thought about it. I did while mowing the lawn this morning. Here's my conclusion:

Love is like joyful giving.
Love is when you everything you can to make that one person smile; going out of your way to make their day.
Love is also finding someone who makes you smile on your worst days.
Love is finding someone who brings the best out in you.
Love is to make someone shine.
Love is a two person game, and if played right, it last forever.
Love is treating them with respect.
Love is supporting their dreams.
Love is holding them while they cry, and telling them everything is going to be okay.
Love is telling them when they're right, and when they're wrong.
Love is just being able to be together, doing nothing besides sitting there, and enjoying every second of it.
Love is helping the other person on their way, and pulling them back when they stray.
Love is caring for someone and accepting them despite their past.
Love is when you can be completely yourself and not be afraid of being judged.
Love is teasing someone, and both laughing.
Love is knowing when somethings wrong before they've even said a word.
Love is loyal. 
Love is sweet.
Love is pure.
Love is patient.
Love is kind
Love is not boastful.
Love is not proud.
Love is not envious.
Love is not rude.
Love is not self seeking.
Love is not easily angered.
Love is not delight in evil.
Love rejoices in the truth.
Love protects.
Love trusts.
Love hopes.
Love preservers.

Love is more than what the world tells us, yet love is a lot simpler, too. It isn't this big glamorous thing that comes and sweeps you off your feet and carries you into the sun set, but it is something magical.