Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sorry guys, I haven't been posting much.

Nothing much is new here. Dance is going good, and so is karate. School is going fine. Everything is normal.

I did go to the dentist today, but all was good there too! :) Beth got princess pictures taken, and I got to go and watch. I remember when I got my pictures taken. For those of you t hat don't know, I was Isabella County Fair Princess in 2006 and Beth was princess in 2008. I remember getting my pictures taken, and it was fun being the person watching, and not the person posing in front of the camera.

Beth also got her new bunny: a blue male (buck in rabbit terms) Polish names "Berry Bun-Bun" or just "Berry" or "Bun-Bun" or short. We plan on breeding Berry and Marlee after Marlee has gone to some shows.

So I guess some interesting things did happen. So that's all, so I can at least say that I did post. Hope everyone had a good week!


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