Monday, February 16, 2009

Clare Rabbit Show + Cabin Fever

Valentine's day this year was the Clare county rabbit show. For those of you who don't know what a "Rabbit Show" is, I'll try to explain.

OK, you show dogs, right? and horses, too, right? OK, bet you didn't know you show RABBITS! (and chickens, but that comes later). Now you don't put a leash on your rabbit and make it to formations and things like with dogs. And of course you don't ride it!

So what so you do?

You examine of course! Meaning you show the judge that you know how to check every single part of your rabbit to make sure that it is healthy. BUT you have to do all the steps in the correct order. After that you wait for everyone else that is up at the table with you to do their examination and then you answer questions about rabbits.

Sorry if that just made you even more confused. You can come to the Isabella County Fair and Watch me there, or the next time you come over, I can show you.

OK, back to the Clare County show. It went great. Here are some pictures:Lauren and I waiting to go up to the table and show

Lauren's rabbit sticking her noise out while waiting her turn to show! lol!

The judge checking my rabbit.

Me receiving my 5th place ribbon! :D

Messing around with the camera. Marlee (left) and Bubbles (right) are BFFs!

That's all! (isn't that a funny picture?)

Cabin Fever!

So after a long day at the rabbit show (6am-3pm) Lauren and I had to preform a tap dance for a school talent show. We head to Lauren's house for dinner and then we get our costume on and get started on make up. We headed to the school and finish the make up and then we waited back stage for an hour or so.

Then we performed!

The way we started our dance

OK, There is a story behind this. Lauren gets mad at me and chases me around in a circle. I "trip" her and this is when I am telling her "Not to be so hasty" (words from song).

Our ending pose. the SPLITS!

Are we not AWESOME!?!

that's all for my Clare Rabbit Show/Cabin Fever. There's another rabbit show in 2 weeks and I'll be sure to post!

This is Kate, signing out!


  1. I LOVE the costumes! There SO pretty! Your So pretty! Lucky you!


  2. P.S. you can do the splits! Oh is it a tad dance?

  3. thanks :)

    Yes, it was a tap dance (I made it so it says that now). Yep, I can do the splits. Only took me forever to get my right, and now I almost have my left! :D YES!