Sunday, December 28, 2008

My First Post

Hi, this is Kate. This is my blog where I hope to share my thoughts with other people. My first post, though, will be explaining a little bit about myself so you know where this is all coming from.

I am 14 years old and enjoy ballet, tap, karate, reading, writing, coffee, family, friends, school, good weather, my pets, showing rabbits and chickens, 4-H, M4-HYCC, shopping for clothes, and many other things.

Dance, 4-H, and karate are probably my three main things, along with family and friends, of course! I am glad to say that in my dance ‘career’ I have made it to Pointe (if you have ever seen a ballet, it is where they walk on the very tips of their toes using special shoes). It is hard work, but it’s worth it. My first pair of pre-Pointe shoes ‘died’ (they don’t work anymore), so now I get to buy Pointe shoes! Pre-Pointe are the real thing, though I will explain more if you ask, because it is complicated to explain. My friend, Lauren, who dances with me, hopefully will be starting her first Pointe class next year.

Karate is going well for me, as I am now a red belt and plan on being a black belt this next November, and you are welcome to come in watch (in later time I will give the times and places and things). Since I did an ax kick (swinging your leg up and smashing it back to the ground, your heal leading) and broke a board at my last testing, I know have to do a jumping ax kick (same thing as a normal ax kick, only harder because now I have to jump) and break a board. Really, ax kicks aren’t that hard to do, but every time I say this to my dad he says “Yea, but not over your head!” This is true, I did ax kick over my head, and Dad thinks he has to tell everyone.

4-H is big in my family, or at least the girls, even though the boys do it too. I take rabbits, chickens, cats, gerbils, and many crafts to the fair that vary from year to year. For the past 4 years I have won grand champion rabbit showman and this past year I finally won Grand Champion Small Animal Showman. When you win Grand champion in rabbits, chicken, dogs or goats you have to go up against everyone else who won Grand Champions in those areas (totaling four people). Then everyone competing has to show a rabbit, a chicken, a goat and a dog. I studied all week long (only three days really) to earn the big trophy; only problem now is that I can’t find a place to put it, it is too big.

Last, but not least, my family and friends. My family consists of a mom, a dad, two brothers and one sister. All my siblings are younger than me. There’s me 14, Clay 12, Beth 10, and William 7. Clay is as crazy as ever (just makes me love him even more), Beth loves pandas (it’s all you see when you go in her room) and William loves Legos® (just like his big brother) and thinks himself an elf (so cute).
Clay is growing like crazy and he is almost taller than me. His feet are way bigger than mine, so we hope he will be a little taller than dad.

My best friend , Lauren, is very kind and she makes me laugh a lot (she laughs a lot too). She is very pretty
and loves to hang out with people. I have to say that I am very grateful to have her in my life; it would be so much harder without her.

- Kate


  1. Hi Kate I am so happy you got a blog! I'll check it often!

  2. Hi Kate! Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I really enjoyed all of the posts and the pictures. Keep it up!