Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Beautiful Sister

This is my sister. Though we may look alike, we are different in many ways.

1) She can be stubborn. Sure, I can be too, though not like her.

2)She tans in the Summer. I mean TANS! She goes out for, literally, five whopping minutes and comes back in a shade darker!

3) She has a very different sense of style. It seams like every shirt that I point out and say "Look! That's cute!" she makes funny faces at, and I think some of the shirts she has are down right WaCkY! We do like some of the same things, but not many.

4) She hates meat. Really, she doesn't like it. I like it (well, most of it).

5) She collects plush Pandas, which are her favorite animal. She has 20 pandas and counting. She wants to live in China and work with the Pandas, which I think is really cool. The whole panda thing started when she went to 1st grade day camp at Rock Lake four years ago (five on June 31st). At the end of the day everyone got that year's plush animal and it happened to be a Panda. She names her's Teddy and it all went down hill from there. She now has two different sets of pajamas with pandas all over them, a purple bath robe with pandas, panda earrings, a panda poster, panda wall paper (we haven't put it up yet), plastic toy pandas, 20 plush pandas, and probably more that I have forgotten. The picture shows her with her build-a-bear panda named Pawjojo (paw-joe-joe, don't ask me where she got the name)

6) She likes her hair short, I like mine long. When she got her hair cut this summer she got it cut up to her chin, only because Mom wouldn't let her have it any shorter! It's grown out since then, and thank goodness because it's very hard to put a ponytail (necessary for dance) in short hair

7) She can play the piano. She is really good too. She had figured out (or almost) how to play most songs that she hears on it. She plays it all the time and I get quite bored of it.

That's my sister, and I wouldn't have her any other way!


  1. This is really lovely! I love your artistic background and you have some really fabulous pictures! Nice work. You can visit my blog too at www.morningacademy.blogspot.com except I'm working on moving it so the new blog will be www.whitebirchforest.blogspot.com but I'm not done with it yet. Hope to see you soon!

  2. I love all the pictures you put with your writings! You are a great writer!

  3. Your so nice Kate, as a sister and friend.