Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prom Number One

Last weekend was Shepherd's Prom. I went with my friend, Becca, as her date. The night started around 5:30 at my house, when, after spending practically all day getting ready, our parents got pictures of us together, and us apart, and us with our moms, and us with our dads. And grandparents. And siblings. And friends...

You get the point.

Lots of pictures.

After picture mania, which included a trip to the rail road tracks, we went back to my house to fix our dresses (god bless the person that invented bobby pins) and a quick make up polish before heading out to our Ruby Tuesday's reservation for two.

Once there, I saw three different parties of Shepherd folk, and of course we awkwardly stalked them from across our booth. And then said hi.

Then came the actual prom. We got there early, got a great parking spot, and we were one of the first people to be video taped walking up the steps. Holding hands, naturally.

Four hours of dancing later, and everyone was a hot mess. Lots of singing and dancing and flailing of arms and whipping of hair.

My best friend John, and his date Payge, won Prom Prince and Princess, which was exciting. We got video taped dancing, and I made a complete fool of myself, I'm sure. I couldn't do much with a dress on. I definitely don't dance like a lady.

After prom, we went to the school lock in at Morey Courts for After Prom, and stayed there until 3 am. Volleyball, inflatables, lots of food, euchre, and whiplash sums up After Prom pretty well.

Home by 4am and I washed up, debated on pulling an all-nighter, and then fell asleep. Up by 9 to go to church,  but not without 2 cups of coffee and some green tea.

Overall, it was a fantastic prom.

I really can't wait for prom with the boyfriend now. Prom Number Two. May 19th. I'll be sure to blog.

And now, here are just a few of the many pictures we took.

Prom Date

Bam Bam

We're incredibly cheesy

It keeps getting better

See what I mean?

Always Dancing

Four Thumbs Up

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