Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Twenty Ten

My summer has finally started. Crazy, isn't it? I get  3 whole weeks of summer. And by golly, I'm going to make them the best 3 weeks I've ever had... Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the idea. So far, my summer is going great! Yesterday I got to hang out with Caleb. (I'm sure you're probably sick of me talking about Caleb, but he's the only person I see on a somewhat regular basis. Sorry. I'll make more friends in school, don't worry.) We had an Avatar Marathon (the cartoon, not the 3D movie), and ate some ice cream. It was nice. Then today I got to sleep in till 10:42, and it felt great! Yesterday I even figured out how to make a photo slide show which you can see at the top right hand of my blog (under the title). Ok, maybe I just used, but still, I was proud of myself.

I'm planning a picnic with Sam, my best friend in kindergarten. When we hit high-school our friendship kind of faded away. Now we've been talking again, and decided our friendship shouldn't end. It's nice to catch up. I'm also doing a photo shoot with her, and I'm really excited. We're going to a little park in town, and she bringing some old homecoming/prom dresses. I'm pumped.

Guess what else?

I've learned how to make ice coffees at home! Here, I'll teach you too. Make some coffee. While that's brewing (I sure hope that's the right word) fill a tall glass with ice. Add some milk, but not too much. Poor some coffee in a mug (like you're going to drink it [black]) and add two spoon fulls of sugar, or to taste. Stir. Now, poor sweetened coffee into your tall glass (without making a mess). Stir. Taste test. Fix to taste (Too coffee-y, add more sugar. Too milk-y, drink some and add more coffee.) And tada! The prefect summer treat. It might take a few tries to get it to taste right, and you'll want to keep stirring it so the sugar doesn't all go to the bottom. But you'll get it eventually.

So all in all, my summer is going wonderfully. I have a great family, great friends, great life. And coffee.

Tell me, could it get any better?

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