Monday, August 16, 2010

Fair Week # 8

Fair week number 8 has come to a close.

Overall, I had a very successful week, if I do say so myself. Here's a list of everything I received:

Grand Champion Photography
Grand Champion Photo Art
Grand Champion Sr. Rabbit Showman
Grand Champion Outstanding 4-Her
Honors Teen Leader (already won so couldn't win again)
Honors Cake Decorating

Really, the only thing I took that didn't get a award was my fair book cover and my rabbit itself (who only lost due to too long of a coat, but I'm no complaining - it freed up my Monday).

I never really knew how stressful fair really was until this year. And this year .. was very stressful. I could tell so many stories, but I won't. I'm pretty sure it'd be called gossip, and the internet doesn't exactly keep secrets.

But fair week was great anyway. I got to spend time with my favorite people (family, the bestie, the boyfriend, the friends, etc),  and it was nice.

I am kind of glad it's over though - my real summer has finally started! I have nothing planned for 4 weeks, and it feels nice to just be able to sit around and color pictures and play the Wii (like I did all yesterday. And somehow I still manage to get marker all over myself.).

Then today I woke up to a nice fall breeze and everything smells crisp, and oddly sweet. I love it. I found my favorite pair of jeans (complete with holes on the knees from seam to seam), my hair is really soft (a nice change), and it's cold enough to wear my sweatshirt and drink coffee.Not to mention I  get to see Caleb today, and seeing him always makes me happy.

It may be summer, but I still have chores to do, so I  better get going.


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  1. Your last paragraph made me smile. Sounds like the perfect day.... exactly why i love the fall.

    ps Well done at the fair!