Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Every Tuesday from 6:30pm-7:1pm I have pre-pointe. Well, guess what?! Everyone in the class now has real pointe shoes (not pre-pointe shoes) so I can now say I take pointe! Since everyone got pointe shoes, we've been doing a lot more without the barre, and I love it.

Guess what happened last night?

I did a full turn on POINTE! A FULL TURN!

It was the first night we've tried anything but 1/4 turns. We did 1/2 turns, and I did pretty good, so she (the teacher) says "Try a single (full)."

And so I did.

And I made it all the way around without falling!

Really it wasn't too hard. I just had to be on balance and not get so worried about doing the turn and just do it. But it was so cool!

That was the high-light of my day yesterday. I just thought I'd share it with everyone.

There will be pictures soon.


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