Tuesday, March 17, 2009

High Heels and Business Clothes

Yesterday I got my first pair of real high heels (not the wimpy two inch ones, REAL high heels) and a business type shirt to wear to my State Awards Interview and the presentation for M4-HYCC that is on April 22nd (another thing to blog about).

I'll try to explain the high heels best I can until I can get pictures of them.

They are pretty much normal. They are black and have three straps across the front. I don't know how high the heel is, but it's tall. Hopefully some of that made some sense so you at least have an idea of what they look like.

The business shirt is going to be a little harder. It's dark gray, fitted, puffed short sleeves, V neck, button up (three big buttons), has a collar, and a piece of clothe/belt to tie around my waste. It's cute, I like it (duh! Why else would I pick it out?)

I plan to wear the shirt with long black dress pants and my new black high heels. I originally got the heels to wear with my black and white dress (click here to see post and pictures of the dress). Then I decided to wear the black dress pants that I already have with the heels to interviews and such, but I didn't have a dress/business shirt, so I bought one that matched. So I already have two uses for the shirt and three for the heels. Pretty good I think. AND the shirt was half off and the shoes were clearance, so there's an extra bonus. :D

Anyway, I'll get pictures asap.


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