Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guinea Pigs!

Some of you may already know this, but Saturday (March 7th) I got a guinea pig!

And so did Clay


And so did Beth


And so did Mom!

Not to mention the one we already have.

So if you've been counting, we now have 5 guinea pigs.


I know, we're crazy!

But anyway, here are some pictures of the new additions to the family!

this is Mom / William's piggie: Andie, and my piggie: Bed Head. We haven't thought of a nice name for her, so so far she is just Bed Head or Piggie

Left to right: Andie, Ruby (Clay's piggie), and Bed Head; all snuggling up together

This is three of the piggies trying to snnuggle up together. Bottom to top: Andie, Bed Head (blending in with Andie), and Ruby's rear end.

This is Beth after she got her piggie Kesley, who's nick name is Smidge, because of the marking on her nose (which you can't see in the picture).

All four piggies snuggling together: Bottom - Smidge, under Smidge - Ruby, Left of Smidge - Andie, On top of everyone - Bed Head (again blending in with Andie)

Here is Pearl, who Clay calls the "Big Pig" after handling the babies.

That's all the pictures I have now. More to come (they got bigger already!) and pictures of pointe coming ASAP.



  1. OHH... Their SO cute! Luthien asked me there names at least 6 times! your so lucky to have so many pets!

    Jacynne (and Luthien looking over my shoulder)

  2. thanks!

    They've already gotten bigger!