Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As I blogged a few Saturdays ago, I went to a Celtic dance with my dad and my boyfriend (see post here). After dropping Caleb off, we got home around 11:30pm, and my dad left right away to go play another gig in St. Louis. My brothers were in bed and my mom and sister weren't home, so I did what any girl would do at 11:30 after a long night of dancing - I took a bath.

After my bath, and seeing the no one was up, I really didn't feel like putting clothes on, and just wrapped a towel around myself. In the meantime, I got on Facebook. Caleb has been texting me this whole time, too.

"r u going 2 bed?" (this is honestly how he texts.)
"Not yet, im getting my pajamas on." (and this is how I text.)

 I wasn't actually getting my pajamas on. I'm still chilling in my towel checking my news feed.

 5 minutes later:

"U going 2 bed yet?"
"Ya, soon."

 Still on Facebook.

 "o my god!!! go look at the sky!!! right now!!!!!!"

Caleb is a fan of stargazing, and seeing as it was a pleasantly warm night, I figured he saw a shooting star or northern lights or something. So just to make him happy, I get up, still in my towel, and walk out onto the porch. I look up, and see no northern lights, but when I look back down, there's Caleb, standing in the driveway.

I freak.

"What are you doing here?! I'm in a towel!" I wrap it tighter around myself.
"I, I came to ask you a question."
"You're going to ask me to prom, aren't you?"
"Ya, I was."
"Can I go put clothes on?"
"Ya, that'd be good." He laughs.

So I run back into the house and grab some shorts and a t-shirt (which happened to one I stole from him), and walk back outside, my heart beating way too fast.

"Sorry for scaring you."
"Oh, no, it's fine, you just startled me." I'm smiling big now, walking towards him. I meet him the the driveway, and he takes me in his arms and looks me in the eye.

"Kate, will you go to prom with me?"
"I'd love to."

And of course I kissed the guy.

So that's how I was asked to prom. In a towel. At midnight.


Later I found out that he kept asking when I was going to bed so he could throw rocks at my window, but I was taking too long. He also drove on the grass, instead of the gravel driveway, because he knew I would hear the car. He's so cute.

Prom is May 19th.

I can't wait.

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