Sunday, October 23, 2011

so called 'friends'

I've decided that some friends are fake friends. They just meander from once person to another, and never take the blame for anything. And in the end, you wonder why the heck you put up with them for so long, and you're happy to see them go. Then again, you feel left out of their life and kind of miss the useless conversations you once had.

You feel kind of empty inside, because even though the person you fought with most is gone, the person you had the best conversations with is gone, too. The person with all the inside jokes. The person who knows all the crap in the dark alleys of your past, yet still loved you like a sister they never had. You feel shot in the heart, but instead of bleeding all over the place, it just leaves a tiny hole. Like a paper cut, it's small and almost invisible, but it hurts like hell.

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