Friday, October 14, 2011

Give Me Truth

"Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth."

Truth is often forgotten these days. People fudge their way around it. People hate telling the truth, people hate hearing the truth.

But tell  me, would you wnat to be loved if it was a lie?

When you say "instead of blank, give me truth," aren't you more likely to end up with that very thing? And if not, aren't you better off than having a lie?

In the end, words are empty unless they are true. If you say "I love you," but don't mean  it, you aren't giving (or getting) love or truth. An honest word is bound to get you farther than lies. Liars are always caught.

Truth is such a simple thing to ask for. So why is it so far to give sometimes?

I think it is because people are scared. Scared of themeselves. So they hide who they are, sometimes with money or fame, sometimes with love.

People are "You only live life once," so woulnd't you rather live it to the fullest, as yourself, than to live a lie?

Nothing is wrong with love, or money, or faith, or fame, or fairness, but in the end, they're all worthelss if they don't have truth.

Things are built on words, and truth has a much stronger foundation than lies. Things built on lies crumble and leave you nothing but broken remains of what could have been. Even a small lie in a strong foundation and leave a crack, making you wonder how many more cracks there really are.

Witout truth, there is no trust. How can you love without trust.

Without truth, does money mean anything?

Without truth, what do you base your faith on?

Without truth, is the fame worth it?

Without truth, is anything really fair?

Without truth, there is nothing.

Nothing but a broken foundation.

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