Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Less Than Three You

'I less than three you' seems to be the thing to say now adays. (i <3 u)  But whatever happened to I love you? 

What happened to spelling out a word completely and ending you sentence with a period? 

 What happened to honesty?

 What happened to picniks in the park, long walks on the beach, and a simple kiss to say 'see you later?'

 What happened to only falling in love once, and not falling out of it? 

 Now the thing is to have a new 'lover' every other weekend, have 7 'soul mates,' and saying 'I love you' after the first date. Excuse me, 'i <3 u.' 

 What happened to dating? Because these days, it just seems like a game.

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