Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Have you ever wished what we read in books could be real?

I'm talking about fiction. Epic adventures, super powers, heros, all that jazz. Have you ever wished it was real? Ever gaze off into the distance and wish YOU were the main character of some epic real life adventure?

I have.

Wouldn't it be amazing though? If all the amazing things we write were real? Obviously normal life isn't exciting enough to make a good story, so we add things to it, change it, and mix it up a little. Why can't normal life be that way too?


I guess it's because if it were like that, what would we write about? 'Normal' life? That might get kind of boring.

So, maybe, we should leave fiction to the books? Sound good?

I think so. *wink wink*


  1. OH YES! I dream that like ALL the time!

    Haha, Normal life would be REALLY boring to write about.

  2. Wouldn't it?

    i'm glad we see eye to eye =)