Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hugs and kisses and bed time stories

Don't you just love little kids? I mean, how can you not?

They say the silliest things at the silliest times, and they don't even realize how silly they are.

Plus they like hugs. What could be better?

Hugs and kisses and bed time stories.

I love little kids. They make me smile. =) Like that. Or sometimes like =D that. And sometimes they make me go crazy like =Z that.

most the time they make me smile with their silly words.

Someday I'll have my own kids. And they'll be
cute and sweet and charming. Hopefully...

Mother always tell us (Clay, Beth and I) that she hopes we all have three kids like William (who, I can tell you, gets quiet annoying and loud and only sometimes sweet). (But when he is sweet you can't help but smile and wish you could give him a kitten.)

She (Mother) also says that our kids will go to her house (which would be Gramma's house...that sounds funny) and then feed them candy and send them home. Thanks Mom.

But, I still love kids. With their sweet little smiles and ingenious ideas and silly drawings and big imaginations. What's not to love?

The tantrums, and whining, and crying, and complaining, and the not listening. But really... it all evens itself out.

They're just so cute!!

(yes, this is William. yes, I took those photos)

(And as I type this little William is trying to get the cat, Penny, to stay on the blankie [to use his exact words] that he put in the middle of the living room floor for her bed...she isn't liking it...)

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