Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Weekend With Gracie...

So a year ago my mom's best friend and her family (husband and two daughters) had to move to Singapore. We hadn't seen them since.


They're here!!!

They came to the USA to visit friends from Ohio and us :) and to get food that they can't get in Singapore and other items that aren't in Singapore.

They came Saturday :) and they're leaving Tuesday :(

Any-who I took a LOT of photos during the weekend so here they are:

They brought us gifts. Everyone got their own little gift. Except me ... mine got left that their house in Ohio. Oh well, I'll get it some time. Anyway, the dragon fly looking things are balance toys. They balance on your finger (or your lip if you are talented like Gracie) by standing on their nose . I did get one of these :) Mines the yellow one. Beth got a green one, Clay got a blue one, and William got a red one.

We also got these things called "Water Babies" and they come in a little glass jar (and when I say little I mean LITTLE!!) and they are VERY small little colored balls. What you do is you place them in the water and they grow! To about the size of a small marble. They're quiet interesting!They are squishy, and jelly like, and just plain weird! Yet cool at the same time! William seams to enjoy them :)

Gracie and Emma both LOVE all the animals in the house, especially the guinea pigs. Gracie talked to her dad on the phone and said "This name is kinda silly, but cute...So it's silly, but still cute ... They have a guinea pig named Bed Head..." and after she handed the phone to her mom Gail said "She was talking about one of their guinea pigs, it has hair that sticks up all over the place; it's suppose to; so they call it Bed Head..." Anyway, I'm getting off track. Gracie wants to get the guinea pigs out all.the.time and I keep having to tell he that they are too hot and tired. She doesn't want to listen though. So when she can't get a guinea pig out she likes to play with the gerbils. Which (despite Gracie's wishes) also get hot and tired. Sooooo when we aren't playing with guinea pigs or gerbils we're playing with ...... that's right - chickens. Don't ask what is soooooo cool about chickens, but she really likes them. She loves feeding them too, which I have to admit is fun. When we were out feeding chickens for about the third time she tried to feed them dandelions (that have gone to seed) which, I have to say, they didn't enjoy. they just kind of looked at her as if to say "What? That's all you got??" It was funny. So when she was trying to feed the chickens the dandelions I said "They don't like that (she takes it away from them) Why don't you make a wish??" So she did ...

and I thought it was too cute to pass up. I forget what she wished for, but she said it out loud. It was cute either way :) speaking of too cute to pass up, here is my edited version of the same photo:
so here is a before and after right nest to each other:
I honestly think it turned out really cute. What do you think?

Anyway, there's probably a lot more that I could say, but I just don't have time! (It's been a week since this actually happened so if I ever want to get it posted I better do it now)

Overall we had a GREAT time with the Dixons :) <3 YOU ALL!!



  1. That's so cool. It sounds like you had a LOT of fun! :) I like the edited picture but I think it's a little to bright. :D


  2. Cute pictures! I love the way you edited the wish. Can you enter that in a photo contest? I think it would win!

  3. It's nice to know people are actually reading my blog!!!

    maybe I should post more ...