Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gerbily Friends

I got gerbils last February. I wanted to get a hamster because I had always, always wanted one, but dad was allergic. Then they said that if it didn't live in Dad's room that is was OK. I did researching online and found that mice were nicer than hamsters. Hamster sleep all the time and don't like to be woke up. Mice don't mind as much. So then I decided on getting mice. I did more research and really liked them. Only problem was that no one in MI sells PET mice, just feeder mice, which don't make good pets because of inbreeding and the pet store can't guarantee them. I sent my dad mouse hunting in Lansing, which is were he working on some days, but all he found were gerbils. I said "No, I want mice, not some gerbil thing." But them I got looking online and they looked just like mice with fuzzy tails! I immediately fell in love with them. I did even more research about them and found that they were easy to care for and very nice. We went to the pet store in Lansing and I got to pick out my gerbils. I picked the two male ones. They weren't ready to leave the pet store, so I had to wait. Then we went down again and I picked them and took them home in a little box. Gerbils aren't expensive at all! It only cost my $40 to buy them, a cage lid and clips, a food dish, one bag of food, one bag of bedding, a little wooden house, and a wheel. After that all you have to buy is food and bedding. They did break their first wheel, but I got one like in the pictures and it has out lasted the other one by far.

That's how I got my gerbils. The tan colored one is Mocha and the black colored one is Fibonacci, but we just call him Fibbi for short. The very top picture is the one I plan on taking to the fair. It is VERY hard to get pictures of gerbils, THEY NEVER STOP MOVING! So I was pretty proud of myself for getting some really good ones.

Those are my gerbils!


  1. Oh my! They are one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Our friends have a rat and she is really cute, but I have to say Gerbils are cuter! And they only cost $40 with all that stuff! I want a Gerbil!


  2. Only $40 cause she didn't have to buy the glass tank, or the large tank that they now live in. :)