Thursday, January 15, 2009


Have you ever stared at a candle and been awed by its beauty? Sometimes I wonder, as I look at the lillt flame, how it could possible harm anyone. It is so small and peaceful, almost happy. It sways in the tiniest breeze, like it's dancing. The little flame doesn't look at all like the huge flame that it can become. The little flame looks soft, friendly -- almost like it has a little life of its own. But one wrong move, and that pretty little flame can turn against you, becoming a huge monster that eats everything in sight. It becomes a hungry villain, wanting to destroy everything it can reach, even lives. And it's sad to think that people are sometimes this way, too. Seeming like a peaceful candle on the outside, but inside they are holding back anger and rage that can't be kept in for long. One wrong move, and they explode, burst into flame. Then they aren't that sweet little flame that you thought they were. They're a huge flame that can destroy things that we hold dear, like friendships; it can even take lives when it gets out of control.

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