Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello again,

I hope your summer is going swell. Mine's been pretty hectic. (hence the lack of blog postings.) I kept thinking that my summer would be nice and relaxing ... ya right. It's far from that. It's crazy, hectic, stressfully, busy; all of the above. So far I've had 4 rabbits clinics, 1 dance workshop, fair projects, daily play assisting, dance practices, and many other completely random things that I don't remember all that well.

All in all - Summer is busy.

Speaking of fair though, I thought you might like to see what photos I'm taking.
The first one is for the normal photograph. The obviously edited one is for a new category called Digital Photo Art. Tell me what you think, honestly. I'd like you opinions. The shoe one is called "The Soles of an Artist." And I really didn't think of a title for the second one.. Any ideas?

Anyway. It's getting late, and I need some sleep. Or to do math, either way. Hopefully I'll be posting more. Sorry for not posting a lot.

Hope to write soon,


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