Monday, August 31, 2009

A Short Post

So I don't have a very long time to post (I have a limited amount of time on the computer) but I wanted to show you a quick snap shot from yesterday. This is taken with the Pentax. No edits or nothing. It's my favorite of the bunch (which I'll post later).

Oh, times up for me. Tell me what you think!


ps I changed the name of my blog. It's now 'Kreative Photography'. You like?


  1. I like. I also like how you sort-of hid your name in the picture (the blogheader). But ummm... What's the other picture of? (the one that you posted)

  2. Jacynne - thanks! the picture is of sand. that's about it. I thought it looked cool, that's all. You like?

  3. Wow, Creative picture of sand I think...Was this taken at a beach?

  4. Thanks!

    Actually, this is on the road I live on. When it rains a tiny stream goes by my house and it makes the sand look like that. The rest of the road is rocks.

    Thanks for visiting my blog =)